Q is for Quirky

Q is for Quirky 2015 A to Z Challenge -- April J. MooreMy dad’s not necessarily being quirky here; acting silly, really. But you get the idea. Readers like characters who have peculiar behavioral habits, or quirks. It’s what makes them interesting, endearing, engaging . . . and human. When you think about it, we all have these idiosyncrasies¬†to some extent, (which we may not recognize in ourselves) so we may forget to give our characters these reader-loving traits. Chances are, some of your favorite movie, television, and literary characters have quirks—they’re part of why they’re your favorite.

Maybe your character . . .

  • Laughs at inappropriate times.
  • Rocks back and forth while waiting in line, or standing in a crowd at a party.
  • Has an adverse physical reaction to those who misuse grammar while speaking.
  • Straightens up unfolded towels in other people’s bathroom, or messy clothing in a department store.

Check out this list of character traits and quirks that you’re welcome to steal.

Do you make it a point to incorporate quirky habits in character development? 

A to Z Challenge 2015

3 thoughts on “Q is for Quirky

  1. Patricia Stoltey

    This is a great suggestion for keeping all of our characters from sounding alike. It’s more obvious in television characters, and one place we can go to look for ideas. Quirky characters like Colombo and the more recent Backstrom are good examples.


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