Whole Life Times, April/May 2013: An Idle Wish 

Mind + Body Magazine, October 12, 2014: The Stress of Fractures

Fort Collins Coloradoan, November 14, 2014: Check Out Many Flavors of Independent Bookstores

Fort Collins Coloradoan, January 11, 2015: Take a Step to Reach the Top of the Mountain

Fort Collins Magazine, Spring 2017: The Higher Power is You


Justice For All Radio Show with George Yates, January 10, 2015: discussing Folsom’s 93

Northern Colorado Writers Podcast, March 23, 2015: The Artistic Side of the NCW Conference with Rich Keller

True Murder Podcast, May 12, 2015: Discussing Folsom’s 93

Death in California Podcast interview, May 25, 2017

White Wine True Crime Podcast interview, April 5, 2017


Cacophony (anthology), 2005: “Apartment 3B” (by April Joitel)

Baby Shoes: 100 Stories by 100 Authors, (anthology) 2015: “An Affair to Forget”

Guest Posts

Hot Chocolate Press, December 11, 2016: Love You Forever; One Mom Reflects

Hot Chocolate Press, July 13, 2016: How to Reinvent Yourself

The Writing Bug, December 16, 2015: Pinterest for Writers

The Writing Bug, December 2, 2015: The Gift of Storytelling

The Writing Bug, November 18, 2015: On the Road Again

The Writing Bug, November 4, 2015: Break the Bad Writer Habits

The Writing Bug, October 21, 2015: Lost in Translation

The Writing Bug, October 7, 2015: What’s in a Blurb?

The Writing Bug, September 23, 2015: Leave a Lasting Impression

The Writing Bug, September 9, 2015: Top of the Mountain Book Award

The Writing Bug, August 26, 2016: I’m Not Here to Make Friends

The Writing Bug, August 12, 2015: Lights, Camera . . . Adaptation?

The Writing Bug, July 29, 2015: Get Me Off This Ride

The Writing Bug, July 15, 2015: Playing by the Rules

The Writing Bug, July 1, 2015: Ask me anything . . . except that.

The Writing Bug, June 17, 2015: Making Words Count

Writing and Wellness featured writer, June 11, 2015: Writer on Wellness

The Writing Bug, June 3, 2015: Celebrating Life

The Writing Bug, May 20, 2015: Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

The Writing Bug, May 6, 2015: Saved by the Generator

The Writing Bug, April 22, 2015: The Power of Pencil and Paper

The Writing Bug, April 8, 2015: Free Podcasts for Writers

The Writing Bug, March 25th, 2015: The Following

Patricia Stoltey’s author blog, March 19, 2015: The Power of Persistence

The Writing Bug, March 11, 2015: Fantasy Critique Group

The Writing Bug, February 25, 2015: Let’s Get Aggressive with Passive Voice

The Writing Bug, February 11, 2015: I’m Just Saying . . .

The Writing Bug, January 28, 2015: Inspired by True Events

The Writing Bug, January 14, 2015: Grab the Windex. It’s Time to Edit

The Writing Bug, April 21, 2014: Grammar Problems? Blame it on Social Media

Patricia Stoltey’s author blog, July 11, 2013: No Talk of Executions at the Dinner Table, Please

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