Bobbing for Watermelons by April J. Moore

Bobbing for Watermelons

In the small town of Brookwood, Iowa, forty-one-year-old food columnist Helen Munson, unappreciated by her two teenagers and her lazy husband,  longs for more out of life, but hasn’t a clue how to make that happen. In fact, her tendency to overreact and put herself in embarrassing situations sabotages her own efforts to assert herself. Helen impulsively starts writing a spy novel whose main character exudes traits Helen tries to embody in her own life: power, assertiveness, and the ability to kick butt. However, this persona doesn’t quite manage to keep her out of trouble, or jail. With help from a cast of  quirky characters, such as her hippie best friend, a free-spirited drifter, and a pair of fashionable gay store owners, Helen just might be able to pull of the transformation of a lifetime. 

Released March 22, 2015 from Hot Chocolate Press. You can order a print copy from Amazon , or an e-version for your Kindle, Nook or Kobo devices. Order a signed copy.

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Folsom's 93 by April Moore

Folsom’s 93: The Lives and Crimes of Folsom Prison’s Executed Men

From 1895 to 1937, 93 men were hanged at California’s Folsom State Prison, and this book is the first to tell all of their stories, recounting long-forgotten tales of murder and swift justice, or sometimes, swift injustice that hanged an innocent man. Based on a treasury of historical information that has been hidden from the public for nearly 70 years, the full stories of these 93 executed men are presented in this collection including their origins, their crimes, the investigations that brought them to justice, their trials, and their deaths at the gallows. This wealth of previously unpublished historical detail gives a vivid view of the sociology of early 20th-century crime and of the resulting prison life. Readers take a trip back in time to the hard-boiled early 20th-century California that inspired the novels of Dashiell Hammett and countless other crime writers. Illustrated throughout with authentic and haunting prison photographs of each of the condemned men, the crimes and punishments of a vanished era are brought into a sharp and realistic light.

Released July 1, 2013 by Linden Publishing. You can order a copy at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Order a signed copy. See more at Folsom’

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Odyssey of a Monk

The Odyssey of a Monk

By Dean K. Miller, The Odyssey of a Monk tells the story of a “young boy, orphaned in a faraway land, is taken in by a local Buddhist temple. In his teenage years, he contemplates his future. The Odyssey of a Monk follows his life, chronicling those he meets and the teachings he receives. This story is but one of many possibilities.” 

Available exclusively from Amazon Kindle

Echoes: Reflections Through Poetry and Verse

Echoes: Reflections Through Poetry and Verse

By Dean K. Miller. “Deep within us are places we avoid, wellsprings of despondency and tenderness. Tangled among suffering, happiness, confusion, and love, a voice silently waits. Negotiating a labyrinth of emotions, Miller’s poetry articulates the echoes of life’s diversity.”

Available from Amazon

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