Z is for Zeal

Z is for Zeal A to Z Challenge -- April J. MooreI’m glad there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. The 2015 A to Z Challenge has come to an end and I had great time, but I’m ready to scale back a bit. This is the first time I’ve participated in the blogging event and it was a fun time. Through the process, I’ve come across some wonderful writers who’ve now been added my blog reader. I’ve learned a great deal from them.

So, on to Z . . .

Zeal is defined as earnestness or fervor; a hearty and persistent endeavor. See ENTHUSIASM, my Oxford Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus tell me. A fabulous word to end this challenge, don’t you think? 

Go write, my writer pals! Write with zeal, fervor, and enthusiasm! Don’t second-guess yourself; don’t over-think it; don’t stop to ask questions; just bring your best effort and write. 

Happy writing.

A to Z Challenge 2015

4 thoughts on “Z is for Zeal

  1. Dean K Miller

    The zippy zebra zooms after the zealous zombies who zig-zagged across the street while zinging zygotes at him. Congrats on your A-Z journey, April. It was great to see the photos and read your wisdom.


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