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Y is for Yo Moment 2015 A to Z Challenge -- April J. MooreThis is a tiny bit of a departure from my previous posts, but it still entails family. My late father-in-law was one amazing guy. Nearly eight years ago, he passed away from cancer just eight months after my own father succumbed to the disease. Maybe it’s a Dad-thing, but both guys would say “Yo!” But it turned into almost a signature expression for my father-in-law. 

Celebratory moments would garner a “Yo!” and fist bump from him—a simple expression and gesture that told you he was beaming with pride on the inside. We don’t superfluously throw around The Yo; only certain times warrant it and those are Yo Moments. That’s when you know it’s a big deal, such as when my last book came out, or when our son aced his 5th consecutive semester, or when The Husband got the promotion he had been hoping for. 

These Yo Moments are important. They carry us along as we continue to strive and push ourselves toward that next Yo Moment, when and wherever that may be. I encourage you to strive for your own Yo Moments, such as finishing that first draft, selling an article, or publishing a story. These are moments worth celebrating.

Y is for Yo 2015 A to Z Challenge -- April J. MooreThis is on the shelf in The Husband’s office as a reminder that life is full of moments. Go find them.

How do you celebrate your accomplishments?

A to Z Challenge 2015

6 thoughts on “Y is for Yo Moment

  1. Kaitlin Throgmorton

    I love this. I love when family members pass down memories like this. My husband’s grandfather used to say, “After me, you’re first” and it’s still a family favorite, particularly when pizza’s on the table and we’re all grabbing for it.

  2. Jerry Eckert

    If it’s a real Yo moment, like recognizing that my work changed the course of a nation, I pour a 3-finger bourbon over ice and take a walk in my newly changed nation all by myself. Turns into a floating, looking down from above, almost out-of-body moment.

    1. April J. Moore

      I’d say that’s a real Yo Moment, my friend, one that you have more than earned. You are going to have two more when your two books come out and I hope to be with you to share and celebrate.


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