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U is for Uncertainty

U is for Uncertainty 2015 A to Z Challenge -- April J. MooreUh, there’s some uncertainty going on here . . .

But not us writers, right? I mean come on, whoever heard of such a ridiculous thing? I mean, if there was ever a group of people more certain about what they do, it’s wri—


*Covers mic*

*Frantic whispering*


*Embarrassed look + nervous laugh*

Uh, well, apparently I might be wrong about that . . .

Yeah. Covered, wrapped, coated, slathered and dipped in uncertainty and self-doubt; that’s how we writers roll—at least once in a while. Will people like it? Will readers “get it?” Am I making a fool of myself? Uncertainty can get us into trouble. It can stop us in our tracks and derail our progress. It can make us over-think everything, thus, hinder ourselves. It can cause great works from ever getting read at all.

When you feel this way, here’s what I suggest:

  • Try to establish why you’re uncertain. Is the work offensive? Poorly written or executed? So personal you’re afraid of how it’ll be received? Pinpoint the WHY.
  • Let someone whom you trust for an honest opinion, read it. 
  • Decide what to do with their advice, then move the f*!@ on. 
  • If you can’t shake the uncertainty, give yourself some distance and write something new, then come back to the work in question, with some clarity. 

A lot of uncertainty comes from our insecurities. Banish those right now, otherwise, they’ll always get the best of you—and your work.

How do you deal with uncertainty as a writer?

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