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Q is for Quirky

Q is for Quirky 2015 A to Z Challenge -- April J. MooreMy dad’s not necessarily being quirky here; acting silly, really. But you get the idea. Readers like characters who have peculiar behavioral habits, or quirks. It’s what makes them interesting, endearing, engaging . . . and human. When you think about it, we all have these idiosyncrasies¬†to some extent, (which we may not recognize in ourselves) so we may forget to give our characters these reader-loving traits. Chances are, some of your favorite movie, television, and literary characters have quirks—they’re part of why they’re your favorite.

Maybe your character . . .

  • Laughs at inappropriate times.
  • Rocks back and forth while waiting in line, or standing in a crowd at a party.
  • Has an adverse physical reaction to those who misuse grammar while speaking.
  • Straightens up unfolded towels in other people’s bathroom, or messy clothing in a department store.

Check out this list of character traits and quirks that you’re welcome to steal.

Do you make it a point to incorporate quirky habits in character development? 

A to Z Challenge 2015