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Help a Writer and an Illustrator Out (Not talking about me)

David Kulczyk is a talented author friend of mine who is published under the same imprint¬†as my first book, Folsom’s 93. David’s previous titles, Death in California,¬†California’s Fruits, Flakes & Nuts, and California Justice are excellent true crime reads; I highly recommend them. For his forthcoming book, about the murdering ladies of the golden state, he’s hired an illustrator to provide original drawings. David is working with Oalf Jens, an amazing illustrator, but of course, it costs money. If you’d like to help a couple of guys out, check out David’s Go Fun Me; every little bit helps.

Go Fund MeAs David says, “being a writer is a tough row to hoe.” Because of my own fondness for whacked out, historical true crime, I’m enthusiastic about this new book. Also, tune in and listen to David on True Murder podcast; it’s a great interview.


California Fruits, Flakes & Nuts