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Writing Prompt Wednesday {Title Edition}

Writing Prompt Wednesday


It’s nice to be back in the swing of things after the A to Z Challenge. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out my previous Writing Prompt Wednesday posts, and as always, feel free to use any of these. Post here, there, anywhere; just write! 

Today, I thought I’d shake things up a bit and come up with some titles, which can also spark a short story, flash fiction, novel, or poetry idea. 

  • The Shop Girl’s Secret
  • The Elephant in My Attic
  • King of Sycamore Street
  • The Fires of Spring
  • The Mourning Years
  • Waiting for War
  • The Bitter Brides Club
  • Last Flight Out of Paris

Happy Writing!


Writing Prompt Wednesday

Writing Prompt Wednesday

In honor of National Grammar Day, here’s a list of prompts that . . . ah . . . have nothing to do with grammar. Just celebrate this day by picking a prompt (or two!) and write something. Honor this momentous occasion with a short story, poem or flash fiction. You’re welcome to post it in the comments section, on your own blog (link it, baby) or among the pages of your journal. 

  • Evan couldn’t believe his luck, when the elevator doors opened and . . .
  • At first, the lake appeared flawlessly iced-over, then Amy saw . . .
  • Dave knew he’d never be allowed back . . . 
  • It wasn’t supposed to get out of hand.
  • The memory of her walking . . .
  • The man stood behind the glass and waited . . .
  • Layla took one last swig of beer and  . . . 
  • I hated that he knew about . . .

Happy writing!

Friday News: Flash Fiction Anthology Update

baby shoes

I’m thrilled to announce that Baby Shoes: Celebrating Flash Fiction has made its e-book funding goal! Woot-woot! There are ten days left and we hope to  make it to $2200 so that we can do a print run as well. Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out this amazing project that will be featuring 100 authors and 100 flash fiction stories. You’ll find some familiar names among the author list such as Linda Needham, Joe Lansdale, Danika Dinsmore, and Walter J. Williams. Yours truly will have a piece in the book called “An Affair to Forget.” I’m also honored to be among some of my favorite local authors, Katherine ValdezShelley Widhalm, and he who shall not be named . . . because he’s using a pen name. 😉 Thanks again for the support.

Baby Steps

Okay, we’ll get there; just not as quickly as we thought. Baby Shoes, the flash fiction anthology that I’m taking part in, didn’t quite get off the ground as expected, but we’re not giving up. This Kickstarter project will launch again in January, so be on the lookout for updates. (I’ll be making sure you won’t miss a thing. 😉 ) There are a number of talented authors—many of whom you probably know—who are taking part in this anthology, so you won’t want to miss out. Stay tuned.



Writing Prompt Wednesday

Writing Prompt WednesdayWelcome to Wednesday, as well as another edition of “Writing Prompt Wednesday” where I hope to get you over the weekly hump and into the land of writing. Try these on for size:

  • “Next!” the woman behind the glass yelled
  • The house made her feel . . .
  • “You’ll want to step back . . .”
  • Meg saw it before I did.
  • The empty bottle . . .
  • Robert felt the effects immediately.
  • He picked her for a reason.
  • She’d seen him [fill in the blank activity] a thousand times. This time . . .

Happy writing!


Some Friday Reminders

Ahhh . . . it’s Friday. I think I just heard a collective sigh of relief. Well, before your brains go into weekend mode, I wanted to post a couple of reminders about two things (you can thank me later).
kickstarterThere’s only 4 days left to take part in this awesome Kickstarter for a flash fiction anthology, Baby Shoes. 100 authors, 100 stories. With the amazing lineup of authors involved, it’s going to be an incredible anthology . . . if we could just reach our goal! Check it out.

NCW Top of the Mountain Book Award

My other reminder is about the Top of the Mountain Book Award sponsored by the Northern Colorado Writers. You don’t need to be a member of the NCW and the contest is open to both fiction and creative/narrative nonfiction. Check out all the rules HERE. It’s easy! You could win $1000 and recognition at the NCW Writers Conference March 27-18, 2015. 

My last reminder . . . is to breathe. It’s Friday. 

Have a great weekend.

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Writing Prompt Wednesday

I love writing prompts—they’re a heck of a lot of fun to come up with. In my efforts to blog more regularly (aren’t you folks lucky 😉 ) I’ve decided to designate every other Wednesday as “Writing Prompt Wednesday.” I hope you’ll find them useful and that they jump start your creativity; they certainly have for me. Since my first writing prompt post, I’ve written a couple of flash fiction pieces that I’ve then submitted: one to an anthology and one to a contest. Instead of keeping these prompts tucked away somewhere on my computer, I thought I’d share them with all of you. 

  • The peeling wallpaper revealed . . .
  • Kevin said a prayer and took a step . . .
  • She wore it just to . . .
  • All this time she thought she was being clever.
  • Anyone could see it didn’t fit.
  • She loosened the screws on the . . . 
  • I saw it coming, but no one . . .
  • The fire burned . . .

Happy writing!

Baby Shoes: A Flash Fiction Anthology

kickstarterHey, wanna support a Kickstarter anthology? Author Jason Brick, has rounded up some amazing writers (he felt sorry for me, so he included me) to take part in the flash fiction anthology, Baby Shoes. Staying true to the flash fiction concept, this anthology will be put together, well, in a flash, so we need your help. This book will feature 100 authors, 100 stories, 1000 words each. Don’t hold me to it, but there may even be a spot or two open . . . If you need a prompt, check out my last post—that’s actually where I got my inspiration for my flash fiction piece. 

So friends, it would be ever-so appreciated if you could pass this along and help support this worthy writerly venture—there’s some cool perks in store for you!