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Writing Prompt Wednesday

Writing Prompt WednesdayHave at it.

  • His breathing slowed, but everything around us sped up.
  • If I see another happy couple, I’m . . .
  • I knew the moment he handed me the backpack, I’d regret taking it.
  • I wrote the note four times before I finally left.
  • Light from the fire glinted off the shards of glass.
  • Ethan wandered into the room, not knowing . . .
  • The explosion should have killed me.
  • She didn’t mean to steal from people; their belongings just ended up in her apartment.

Happy writing.

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Writing Prompt Wednesday

I love writing prompts—they’re a heck of a lot of fun to come up with. In my efforts to blog more regularly (aren’t you folks lucky ūüėČ ) I’ve decided to designate every other Wednesday as “Writing Prompt Wednesday.” I hope you’ll find them useful and that they jump start your creativity; they certainly have for me. Since my first writing prompt post, I’ve written a couple of flash fiction pieces that I’ve then submitted: one to an anthology and one to a contest. Instead of keeping these prompts tucked away somewhere on my computer, I thought I’d share them with all of you.¬†

  • The peeling wallpaper revealed . . .
  • Kevin said a prayer and took a step . . .
  • She wore it just to . . .
  • All this time she thought she was being clever.
  • Anyone could see it didn’t fit.
  • She loosened the screws on the . . .¬†
  • I saw it coming, but no one . . .
  • The fire burned . . .

Happy writing!

Writing Prompts: You Gotta Start Somewhere

Blank Document

Look familiar?¬†That’s right, it’s a blank document. For many of us writers, that’s the stuff of nightmares—you know, the one where you’ve been paper cut to death by a swarm of¬†rejection letters? That’s the one. Well, it’s an all-too common problem many us could live without. Oftentimes, instead of having this wordless screen stare back at me with a “Uhm, hello? I’m blank. You going to write something on me, or what?” I’ll close the laptop. Ha! Take that! Although that’s typically¬†unproductive . . . unless I pick up ¬†a pen and a pad of paper. At times,¬†I find I’m more productive when I go Old School and write on paper; it’s less intimidating than a blank Word Doc. But then what?¬†

Get¬†writing. Dennis Palumbo, author and former screenwriter, who spoke at the Jackson Hole Writer’s Conference a few years back¬†said, “Writing begets writing.” Turns out, he’s right. However,¬†when you need a hand to get going, story starters or writing prompts can help wake the muse. Here’s a few to try out:

  • Emma knocked on the door and immediately regretted it.
  • Ben hated what he had to say next.
  • Had he been conscious, he probably would have said . . .
  • “It won’t hurt a bit,” she told him.
  • Most of the time I keep my promises, but . . .
  • I thought I had more time, but the doorbell rang . . .
  • She held out the box. “No, you open it.”
  • She/He/It slipped in through the front door unnoticed.
  • They didn’t believe me at first.¬†
  • Daniel thought she was crazy when she first told him . . .
  • I tried to give back [fill in the blank] but he told me to keep it/them.
  • Eric wanted to take the words back the second he said them.
  • It went completely against his nature, but he had no choice but to . . .
  • He walked in and saw her sitting with . . .

The following two prompts come from The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood:

  • I could have avoided all that trouble if I had only remembered to . . .
  • Seven¬†days ago [fill in the blank]. Now, no one will talk to me.

Okay, now it’s time to take my own advice and write.

Do you have some writing prompts? Please, do share in the comments below.