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Please note: For the time being, I am not taking on any new editing projects. If you would like a referral to another editor, please email me at apriljmoore[at]yahoo[dot]com

I’m one of those who loves to correct other people’s grammar . . . on paper, that is. I have been a judge for several writing contests, am the contest coordinator for the Top of the Mountain Book Award, and I have been in a critique group since 2003. I’ve also authored two books; a historical nonfiction, and a contemporary novel.

I enjoy mysteries, young adult, new adult, contemporary, romance, fantasy, and historical fiction. If you have something else, inquire! I don’t typically read horror because, well, I have an overactive imagination and I’d like to be able to sleep at night. 

I also edit nonfiction such as, how-to, historical, and memoir. 

Please note: I shy away from religious, political, and other controversial topics unless it’s something I feel comfortable supporting.

What do I offer?

Content (developmental) Editing. This is an overall “big picture” assessment of the book where I provide written feedback for each chapter. I look at pacing, plot, character development, etc. I also include 1-2 pages of general feedback. Rates: $30/hour

Copy Editing. This is an in-depth edit where I go line-by-line looking at spelling, grammar, punctuation, repetitive words/phrases, etc. This process tends to require more time, plus, I also give suggestions for rewrites. Rates: $40/hour

Proofing. This is a quick pass over the work to pick out any punctuation, spelling, and other grammatical errors. This is done as a last step before publication after all copy editing is complete. $20/hour

In addition to full or partial manuscripts, I also offer editing for:

  • Essays
  • Completed book proposals
  • Query letters
  • Synopses
  • Articles
  • Short stories

What’s the procedure?

Contact me and we’ll chat. Fill me in on your project (genre, word count, what draft it’s in) and what editing services you’re looking for. This is a free consult that will help me give you an estimate on the time needed for your project. Most novel-length manuscripts (up to 90k words), will require an average of 10-15 hours of editing work, however, every project is different and may require more work. I offer the first hour of editing at no charge. This gives me a chance to determine how much work will be involved and whether or not I’m the right editor for you. 

Once I determine the estimated length of time it will take me, I will send you an invoice by PayPal for half of the work. When I receive payment, I will complete the work and send an invoice for the remainder. Payment is required within 7 days, upon which, you will receive your edited project. 

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