Cover Reveal: Bobbing for Watermelons

Bobbing for Watermelons by April J. Moore

As promised, here it is! Ain’t she a beaut? I am thrilled to bring you the cover of my forthcoming novel, Bobbing for Watermelons. If you’re like a lot of people, you might be wondering what the hell “bobbing for watermelons,” even means. First, I have my husband to thank for the title—it fits the story perfectly. I then added a short bit in the book explaining it: 

“Sometimes, finding happiness is a lot like bobbing for watermelons. We take on more than we can handle and can’t get a grip. Kinda like going for that watermelon and ignoring the smaller fruit in the tub.”

I will post tantalizing snippets here and there to hopefully wow and amaze you into buying a copy from Hot Chocolate Press come March. 

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